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Interactive Code Generator - readme
XML Based Back End Code Generator for GNAVI

This is:

GNAVI ICG 0.1 Alpha

ICG = Interactive Code Generator

The ICG will reads in in XML project file and various XML window files and
generates the GNAVI code according to the specs in the XML, but that is not
all. You can make changes at any time to the XML and it will interactively
modify the generated code preserving your coding.

In the future there will be a mechanism to pick up changes in the code and
allow for the XML to be modified automaticly to reflect this.

For more information about the ICG and its part in the GNAVI project, see

Templates for handlers types are created in the Templates directory. The
Templates directory must be in the same location as the icg.exe

Currently only the GWindows.Base.Action_Event handler has a template. The
others will be created shortly and available on http://www.gnavi.org

For an example of using the ICG:

C:\icg> cd samples
C:\icg\samples> ..\icg my_application.xml
C:\icg\samples> gnatmake my_application
C:\icg\samples> my_application

Try making changes to the XML, try deleting handlers and watch them be
regenerated. Try different window types and controls.

Source code for ICG is available in CVS, see http://www.gnavi.org for
more information.

Much more to come!

David Botton
Nov 10, 2004

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton