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GWindows - Custom Controls
RAD GUI Development Framework for Windows

Based on GWindows I have created a number of custom controls based 
on an ownerdraw button.
The base for these controls is the Ownerdraw_Button_Type with 
several styles to customize the default Windows button.
The other controls are:
   - A multi-style LED control
   - An image button
   - A colorfull TAB control

These controls are accompanied by a test programm which shows the
posibilities of the custom controls and also some advanced techniques
using GWindows, like
   - a TAB based dialog
   - selectable child dialogs in a dialog
   - using Erase background to draw a bitmap in a dialog
   - using CtlColor messages to modify the properites of text fields,

NOTE: To compile the example, you should have rc.exe and cvtres.exe
available on your path. (They are part of the Win32 SDK available from
Click to Download
Contributed by: Andre van Splunter
Contributed on: September 30, 2001
Updated on: April 28, 2002

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton