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GNATCOM - Features
RAD Active X/COM/DCOM Framework

  • GNATCOM Framework
      Object Creation
    • Create fully compliant COM/DCOM/COM+ objects
    • Custom VTBL Interfaces and automation dispinterfaces
    • Registry helper package for registering object and type library
    • Singelton support
    • Class factory, DLL, and Exe creation packages
    • No external Windows bindings required.
    • More...
      Object Binding
    • Binding to VTBL Interfaces and automation dispinterfaces
    • Bindings to automation types (BSTR, Variants, SafeArrays, etc)
    • Instantiate objects on remote and local machines
    • Event bindings (Connection Point Support)
    • Dynamic use of objects with or with out static bindings
    • No external Windows bindings required.
    • More...
  • GNATCOM Tools
    • CreateCOM - Generate complete working COM objects using type libraries for specifications leaving only the object specific methods to be filled in by the developer.
    • BindCOM - Generate complete bindings to VTBL Interfaces and Dispinterfaces for COM objects including binding to Connection Pointers (COM Events).
    • COMScope - Generated documentation for COM objects
    • MakeGUID - Generate GUIDs for use by COM

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