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Screen Shot of GNAVI IDE Progress Dec 22, 2004

Screen Shots of Programs written in GNAVI
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GNAVI is the open source alternative to visual software development languages like Delphi and Visual Basic. In addition to just being fully Open Source under the GPL, the language foundation of GNAVI, unlike Pascal or Basic of its competition, is the international standard of engineering, Ada. GNAVI for Windows offers comparable features to Delphi and Visual Basic including use of Active X controls and the ability to interface with .NET and Java.
Getting Started
The GNAVI frameworks for Windows are stable and have been used in professional applications for some years now, the IDE that will pull together the Delphi/VB/RAD like look and feel is currently under development, snap shots are available and are posted regularly. The following steps are what is needed to start programming with the GNAVI frameworks until the full installer and IDE packages will be available in the coming months.
Latest Developments - March 14, 2009
Despite a few years of inactivity, there is still no better way to create Windows applications for Ada than with GWindows and GNATCOM. The project is being revamped and new development is now in the works. The first priority is creating an updated build system and insuring that GWindows and GNATCOM both build on GNAT GPL 2008 and GNAT PRO 6.2.1. Following that will be the resurrection of GNAVI's IDE. The GNAVI IDE was actually completely functional, but for one reason or another was left in a state that made it difficult to build and so never made the leap to public use. A true crying shame as 4 1/2 years of public use could have meant much in promoting Ada as was the intent of the project from day one..... So be it, time to make it happen!
Latest Developments - Dec 22, 2004
The GNAVI IDE is now being built and snap shots are coming quick! The current GNAVI IDE snap shot lets your create projects and work with adding new / delete and editting windows, controls, etc. You can do RAD with the XML, Outline View and NOW do visual layouts! Work on the Layout View for traditional VB/Delphi style GUI layout is coming fast and you can already move around and resize controls.
GNAVI support is currently available on the GNAVI List. If you need help with, would like to discuss or join the GNAVI project join the GNAVI List by click on the link.

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